Higher efficiency, less manual interventions

When your company acquires a Contourbreton you can rely on an extensive range of customisations to allow the best possible use of the machine in compliance with your needs and, above all, to achieve HIGHER MANUFACTURING EFFICIENCY.

"FAST LOCK" system

When you choose Contourbreton with the “FAST LOCK” system, composed of the ROBOCUP work bench and special vacuum cups, you will be able to clamp all your workpieces on the cups without having to join vacuum hoses up with the connector.

The operator’s work becomes much easier, precise and neat.

The system is based on a work bench containing vacuum manifolds that create a vacuum in the cups, thanks to easily replaceable valves mounted on the bench surface.

Thanks to the Robocup vacuum cup (Breton patent), vacuum is generated both in the cup and on the workpiece without any requirement for hoses, on/off valves, or batteries for vacuum generation, which would demand recharging and maintenance.


The vacuum cups are automatically positioned on the work bench by the machine spindle thanks to a magnetic pick-up system; once the work process is completed, they are stowed for future requirements at the rear of the machine in a dedicated magazine (if provided).

Alternatively, the operator can safely enter the working area and clamp the cup to the pick-up device mounted on the spindle. Once the processed workpieces have been unloaded and the bench has been washed, the dedicated “FREEPASS” software controls the automatic repositioning of the vacuum cups in preparation for the following work processes.


  • Exceptional production efficiency thanks to optimisation of space on the work table, with multiple workpieces processed on the same table.

  • Reduction of work bench setup times between one work process and the next.

  • Increased productivity per shift for each operating unit.

  • …last but not least: semi-finished product loading and processed workpiece unloading are performed automatically, with no need for an operator to reposition the vacuum cups before each new process.


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