Smart-Cut 800 OPTIMA

Bridge saw with a pick-up unit with suction cups

Smart-Cut 800 Optima is a numerical control bridge saw cutting centre with  interpolated axes, rotating head, specially engineered to cut in either the plunge-cut or step-cut mode, and shape, items of granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, engineered stone and suchlike.

The machine is equipped with a pick-up unit with suction cups used to lift and space out the pieces for cut optimization, and move the pieces in order to work out the engravings for the rods.
Available accessories are a belt table and an automatic shuttle to unload the semifinished pieces and off-cuts and take them outside the working area.

Structural and functional features

- Latest generation SIEMENS 840 SL digital NC.
- High-speed and high-precision movements along axes X, Y, Z thanks to brushless digital motors with absolute encoder.
- Spindle carriage made of cast-iron to ensure rigidity and vibration damping.
- The beam is moved by a precision rack and pinion assembly, driven by brushless digital motor.
- The spindle carriage is moved by recirculating roller runner blocks, driven by brushless digital motor that ensures the required precision and rigidity.
- The spindle is moved vertically by a ball screw/preloaded nut assembly on recirculating roller guides, driven by digital brushless motor.
- All guides are protected and greased.
- Twist head with a ± 190° rotation on axis “C” and 0° to 90° rotation on axis “A”.
- The disc inclination is motorized and can be programmed in any position between 0° and 90°, with possibility of making step-cutting (with continuous head rotation).
- User-friendly software displayed on colour touch-screen, which is mounted on the control panel; joysticks for moving the various working axes easily.
- Laser tracer displaying the cutting path.

Programming and management system

- The machine is managed and programmed from a colour touch-screen installed on a practical, hanging control console, which is easy to handle and can be rotated.
- The machine is controlled from the CNC PC with Windows operating system.
- The management and operational software use the Windows environment to its full potential, are extremely user-friendly and can be easily interfaced with the user’s system.
- The colour touch-screen makes the machine programming easy and fast.
- All electric and electronic components are from world’s leading producers so as to ensure that spare parts can be easily sourced in the event of a system failure, and technical assistance is available at a world level.
- The machine is equipped with a simple portable button panel to control its major functions in order to operate it in the manual mode and make easier some operations to be carried out within the working area.

Breton Teleservice

SMART-CUT is to be networked for connection with Breton, for the remote diagnosis of any possible malfunction.


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