Speedycut FK/NC 1400

Speedycut FK/NC 1400 - cnc stone bridge saw

Thanks to the use of brushless motors, it guarantees high working speed.

Equipped with ø 1400mm circular blade with motorized inclination in any position from 0° to 45° and possibility of step-cutting, even inclined.
It offers great possibilities of customization.

Operated by Siemens Sinumerik 810D Numerical Control, it works with axes interpolation through the CAD/CAM software installed on the machine.
User interface with Personal Computer with 15" colour "touch screen". It can be equipped with 1 or 2 workbenches.

Mechanical Features

- Cast iron bridge and spindle carriage ensure rigidity and dampen vibrations.
- The bridge travels on rolling elements permitting greater speed.
- The spindle carriage travels on prismatic guides in an oil bath ensuring rigidity and precision.
- The spindle travels vertically on prismatic guides fitted out with bronze gibs allowing for clearance adjustment
- A pinion meshed with a precision rack control bridge and spindle carriage travel
- Digital brushless motors fitted out with an absolute encoder give greater speed and precision in travel along axes X, Y, Z
- Guide protection and lubrication
- The spindle can be inclined in any position in a range of 0° up to 45° enabling step-cutting even with inclined disc
- The spindle is powered by a 61 HP motor and its mechanical structure has been dimensioned to accommodate the possibility of plunge cutting thick slabs.

Programming and system management

- the machine is operated and programmed from a touch-screen color monitor installed on a practical hanging control console which is easy to move and rotate facilitating operations.
- the machine is controlled and managed from the CNC remote PC. Platform system utilized is windows.
- the operational and management control software installed not only utilize windows to its full potential, but are user friendly and easily interfaced with the user’s system.
- the color “Touch-Screen” monitor enables easy and quick machine programming
- to ensure spare parts are easily sourced in the event of system failure and technical assistance is available at a world level, all electronic and electric components are manufactured by the world’s leading producers.
The machine is provided with a convenient portable push-button control panel to facilitate manual machine operations from inside the work area. This portable control panel is provided with the main machine operating controls.


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