STA 2000

STA 2000

Machine for the automatic void filling of marble slabs, equipped with automatic proportioning of the colouring paste during the mixing of the filler.
Monobloc support structure made of painted arc-welded steel; the structure includes the two transversal runways for the independent sliding of the two spindle-holding carts.

Oscillating unit holding a set of photoelectric sensors which read the slab shape without touching it.

Two (2) spindle-holding carts, which move crosswise on independent runways and are driven by an encoder-controlled motor with inverter.

Two (2) plate-holding spindles (each plate is equipped with 6 palette knives which can be easily replaced), powered by inverter-controlled gearmotor for the adjustment of the rotation speed. Spindles are actuated vertically by a pneumatic cylinder.

Set of panels conforming to the EC standards, which close entirely the machine. They can be manually openable sliding on the operator' side, and are used to contain the gas emissions. Panels are provided with a fan, installed behind the machine, that intakes air and expels it outside (the stack is not included in the supply).


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