Waterjet Pratica

Water jet cutting machine with one or two tanks and 3 or 5 axis

Double table and rotating arm (which are both optional) enable to zero downtime for piece loading and unloading (patent pending). This system enables to load the pieces to be machined on one tank in complete safety, while the machine cuts the pieces from the slab on the other tank.


1 Automatic system to evacuate sludge, which is sucked by a centrifugal pump and filtered by a hydro cyclone. A piping system with special nozzles (installed on the bottom of the tank) keeps the sludge in suspension.

2 Head with 5 interpolated axes for inclined cutting, which is required, for instance, to cut the 45° grooves. “C” axis with continuous rotation and “A” axis with inclination of ± 69°. Provided with ITC function for the continuous automatic compensation of the jet tapering. In order to get grooves with precise dimensions, the head is provided with an instrument for automatic slab thickness measurement.

3 KMT Neoline IV high-pressure pump (30 kW, 3800 bar) with 2 ceramic pistons designed for high pressure, and hydraulic station with radial pistons. Oil/water intensification ratio: 1:20  stone cutting machinery, water jet stone, water jet cutting machine.


4 The movement accuracy of each single machine is tested and checked through laser and Renishaw ball bar test.

5 The cutting unit may be (on request) fitted with a vacuometer, laser pointer and automatic thickness detector.

6 Arm supporting the operating head with precise movement on recirculating ball screws and linear runner blocks.

7 The device for rotating the arm that supports the operating head guarantees its perfect locking in place.

New Entry! Waterjet Pratica

The waterjet Pratica has double table and rotating arm enable to zero downtime for piece loading and unloading (patent pending).


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