Italian products always win !

14 November, 2018
With experience, great designers and top minds, motorbikes and machinery. 
Encapsulating Italian-made goods in a single piece of work is no easy task.
Three Italian companies – 
DucatiOdone Marmi and Breton – have come together to create “Fortitudo mea in levitate” (from Latin “Lightness is my strength”).
Ducati (Ducati Motor Holding spa)

Italy’s most world-famous motorcycle manufacturer.
A company that still amazes us, even after 90 years, with its products of peerless style and performance.
Ducati is synonimous of:  
D esign
U niqueness
C raftsmanship
A ttention to detail
T echnology
I talian verve
Odone Marmi

Master stone and marble workers since 1950, from planning and design through to production and installation.

Research, innovation and technology in machines for working marble, granite and natural and engineered stone.
What is Fortitudo mea in levitate” ?

It is a sculpture in white Carrara marble designed by Gianandrea Fabbro, Chief Designer at the Ducati Style Centre, depicting one of the company’s most recognisable models, the Panigale
His refined designer’s pencil has given the world the Panigale 1199 and1299 and now this splendid marble sculpture, an award-winner at Milan Design Week 2015. It was made by Odone Marmi using a Breton Shapemill.
The work was displayed in central Milan for over a week in April, drawing huge admiring crowds outside Audi City Lab in Via Monte Napoleone, at the pulsating heart of the city’s fashion district.
Many people wondered how this gem of technology and craftsmanship could have been made. Today’s machining centres with 5 interpolated axes can create highly complex forms with different materials, including marble and granite, to bring designers’ creativity to life.
The most innovative Italian workshops, such as Angelo Odone’s, choose this kind of machine to turn marble and granite blocks into unique objects, avant-garde furnishing pieces, and veritable works of art. 
The Vercelli-based company produced the sculpture for Ducati
Fortitudo mea in levitate” could only have been made using a Breton Shapemill, the "Ducati" of 5-axis machining and shaping centres for marble and granite, the queen of speed and precision. This machining centre’s impressive performance supports multiple work processes that would otherwise require several machines. Working with various tools, it can mill, turn and perform routing through its shaped tools.
The Ducati designer and his design, the Odone Marmi factory’s trademark craftsmanship, and Breton technology are the ingredients in a breathtaking work that emphasises the contrast between the lightness of the forms and the weight of the hefty Carrara marble blocks. 
In other words, it is a true celebration of Italian-made excellence.  


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