KIRIAKIDIS’ megafactories

We already talked last year about the large contract with FHL Kiriakidis; this year we can describe the system that was ordered a few months ago.
The plant is composed of 3 main processing lines:
  • an automatic line for marble slab resin treatment and mesh reinforcement that can output 30 finished slabs on both sides per work-hour, with dual catalysis oven for slow epoxy resin catalysis (the optimal solution for brighter materials);
  • an automatic marble slab polishing line that allows book-matched loading, 4-side squaring, in-line quality control, slab photos, protection film application and unloading to carriages based on quality control sorting;
  • a gauging and polishing line for large marble panels up to a max size of 120x120x5 cm, which can be automatically fed with undersized slabs or remnants from other processes.
The panels produced by this line are perfectly sized and squared and can be easily laid on large floors.
FHL Kiriakidis is a leading company also for complex architectural projects.
After careful research and competitive analysis, FHL Kiriakidis decided to fully renew its special products division as well, which manufactures columns, statues, bas-reliefs, bath tubs, capitals, etc., all of which require the use of CNC 5- or 6- interpolated axes machines.
The agreement signed with Breton provides for as much as 5 CNC 5-interpolated axes machines, of which 2 are "SHAPEMILL Mod. NCF/2T 2000K55" and 3 are "CONTOURFIVE Mod. NC1200 /HD”.
To achieve order management and distribution flexibility, all these machines were equipped with a lathe to produce large diameter columns.
The two Shapemill machines have a 2,000-mm spindle vertical travel and the sixth axis - the connected lathe - can machine columns up to a 1600-mm diameter.
The three Contourfive machines have a 1,200-mm spindle vertical travel and the sixth axis - the connected lathe - can machine columns up to a 1600-mm diameter.
The different vertical travel of the spindle in the two machine types was chosen to optimize process scheduling based on workpieces size.
To ensure the highest material removal, the SHAPEMILL Mod. NCF/2T 2000K55 machines were equipped with a 39,6/35-KW motor spindle that can reach 7,000 RPM and has a very steep torque curve, in order to output the highest power even at low RPMs. This is required to optimize the use of the Ø 1,000-mm blade. To support the required power, the motor spindle is also equipped with an HSK-B100 conical coupling, which is specially suited to use a pocket-machining milling tool with large-diameter blade.
Based on the same principle, the 3 CONTOURFIVE Mod. NC1200/HD machines were equipped with a 22.5/18-KW, 7,500-rpm forceventilated motor spindle with HSK-B80 mounting shank. This is required to optimize the use of the Ø 600-mm blade supported by this machine. The soul of these machines is the powerful "BretonSmartCam MODELLING + BRETONLATHE” software that allows CAD/CAM drawing and programming for the contouring and cutting centers up to 6 interpolated axes.
While the 3 conventional machining lines briefly described above have increased and streamlined the existing production, the 5 CNC machines have rendered the existing machines used by FHL Kiriakidis obsolete and allowed the company to effectively and rapidly carry out many new finishing operations that were previously impossible. And infact, as soon as the new machines were commissioned, the old ones were almost all stopped.


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