A new approach to managing your slabs store: Breton by Mistrello

Ever smarter slab stores, extreme levels of automation, maximum workplace safety levels and space optimisation are emerging requirements also in the ceramics industry.
Breton, has signed an exclusive agreement with Mistrello, a company with consolidated experience in the storage of slabbed materials, to offer highly flexible solutions that are perfectly suited to the extreme levels of customization demanded by the sector today.
The minimum surface area
The minimum surface area required to install a storage system of this type is 26 m2, which provides capacity of 145 slabs (single slab size of 3500x2200x20 mm), so there’s no need for masses of space.
The automation level highly customisable
The automation level is highly customisable: starting from semi-automatic storage systems and culminating in super automated versions with very little need for the presence of operators.
The main customer benefits
The main customer benefits can be summarised as:
  • increased storage capacity: the stored material occupies approximately one third of the space required by conventional A-frames;
  • reduced cost of the area to be used for the slabs store (rental/purchase of land and building);
  • improvement of the safety conditions for personnel: the ruggedness and safety of the system is guaranteed by installation of all elements on floor-mounted tracks, by the latest generation of anti-tipping measures and by overhead handling zones not accessible by personnel;
  • reduction of labour costs: the presence of personnel for inventory movements is reduced to the minimum so your workforce can be redeployed on higher value added activities;
  • increased productivity of plants: the times required to prepare slab packs is reduced thanks to the various tiers of automation introduced.


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