OPEN HOUSE June, 14-15 2018

Special invitation: Breton Machine Tools opens the doors to its production departments. Discover more about this special event.
OPEN HOUSE doesn’t mean only “open doors”, it’s not just something to go to and visit. It is an opportunity of dialogue, a constructive exchange of views; dialogue is the main tool to understand if we are on the right track and, therefore, be able to face the continuous challenges of the market.

An event open to everyone who wants to see the whole production process in operation.
Xceeder 1400
Eagle 1500 K60
4 thematic areas – Aerospace, Automotive, Composite e Mould & Dies
Matrix – full range during the different assembly steps, Matrix MY17 included
6 technicians and engineers at your disposal to show and examine our machines in details
7 live demos –4 in the assembly area and 3 featuring material removal
Ultrix – full range during the different assembly steps including 6 Ultrix 1200 EVO
10 selected Suppliers who will display their most innovative products and latest solutions
15 operative assembly slots
20 agents and sales area managers
336 hours of machine non-stop handling 
2880 minutes of continuous monitoring of our lab machines by Sentinel


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